Build a bright future 
with STEM



Sager Education Inc. is a large educational institution registered at Canadian Federal Government, providing an elite-oriented education model. All our teachers at Sager Education have strong teaching capabilities and abundant teaching experience in North America. We offer Grades 1-12 Math, Physics, Chemistry and Science Courses; Advanced Mathematics, various levels of computer programming and Robotics courses; various kinds of exam preparation course (AP, SAT, SSAT, IB, Provincial Exam). We set up meetings with parents periodically to build a bridging platform for interaction and communication between students and their parents, as well as to help us better deliver our other educational services.


Competition & Comprehension

At Sager, we emphasize two things: competition andd comprehension. With the two combined, we got a friendly environment with competition aimed at enhancing understanding.

Dr. Chris Zhang
The Principle  of  Sager Education

Dr. Chris Zhang(Ph.D in Mathematics), the founder of Sager Education, once worked at UBC as a postdoc, with his research fields in computational geometric theory, computer vision, and robotics vision algorithms. He is also an expert in four fields including mathematics, computer science, electronic engineering and robotics vision algorithms.






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